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“Korean fine dining experience in a Singapore car showroom with Michelin-starred chef curating menu”

May 14, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Renowned Korean-American chef Corey Lee is bringing his culinary expertise to the unconventional setting of Na Oh, a Korean restaurant located inside the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre Singapore. Despite being in a car showroom in Jurong West, this is no ordinary dining experience.

Having worked at the prestigious three-Michelin-star restaurant The French Laundry under Thomas Keller, Lee brings a wealth of experience to Na Oh. His own San Francisco restaurant, Benu, earned three Michelin stars in 2014, showcasing his exceptional talent in the culinary world.

One unique feature of Na Oh is the two-storey vertical smart farm, where robots handle planting and harvesting tasks. This high-tech farm supplies the restaurant with a variety of crops, ensuring a farm-to-table experience with fresh produce like ice plants, Romaine lettuce, and Japanese mustard greens.

Na Oh offers a prix fixe menu inspired by traditional Korean food, modernized by Lee’s culinary innovation. By incorporating advanced cooking techniques and technology, Lee aims to elevate traditional dishes while keeping the essence of Korean cuisine intact.

Lee’s Singapore menu at Na Oh will share similarities with his renowned Benu restaurant, promising a unique dining experience for guests. With a focus on authenticity and quality, Na Oh is set to become a culinary destination for food enthusiasts in Singapore.

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