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‘Largest grassroots funding expansion in 30 years announced by National Lottery Community Fund’

May 21, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The National Lottery Community Fund has unveiled ambitious three-year plans to expand grassroots funding across the UK, aiming to reach over 80% of areas in the country. This marks the largest expansion of grassroots funding in the past 30 years, as outlined in the organization’s Corporate Plan for 2024-27.

In addition to increasing grassroots funding, the new plans include allocating more than 50% of grants to communities experiencing the greatest poverty and disadvantage. At least 15% of the funding will be directed towards environmental sustainability projects, with a focus on four community-led missions: bringing communities together, promoting environmental sustainability, supporting children and young people, and enhancing overall health.

The organization is prioritizing tackling inequality and taking an equity-based approach, with a comprehensive review of funding activities currently underway. This review will lead to the implementation of a new grant budget and allocation formula for over £3 billion of National Lottery funding activities, enhancing accessibility and impact across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the rest of the UK.

David Knott, Chief Executive of The National Lottery Community Fund, emphasized the importance of the new plan in supporting communities across the UK, with a strong commitment to targeting areas that have not previously received funding. The goal is to have more than 80% of local communities apply for National Lottery funding, showcasing the organization’s dedication to inclusivity and community support.

Furthermore, the Fund recently doubled the amount of funding available through its flagship product, National Lottery Awards for All, resulting in increased support for grassroots projects. National Lottery players continue to raise over £30 million a week for good causes, enabling The National Lottery Community Fund to distribute £615.4 million of funding to communities last year.

As the organization looks ahead to the next three years, the focus remains on making a positive impact on communities nationwide, with a commitment to addressing inequality and promoting sustainability at the core of its mission.


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