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December 19, 2023 | by The Jeuns


Greetings, digital pioneers!

In the rapidly evolving crypto world, knowledge is more than just power; it’s leverage.

Those who master on-chain strategies undeniably gain a significant advantage, riding the wave while others are still figuring out how to surf.

But what if we told you that with, this upper hand is no longer exclusive to the few?

We have been working on an Account Abstraction Wallet that does exactly that.

Let’s dive deeper.

The True Benefits of Mastery

Being on top of the crypto game doesn’t just mean holding the right assets; it’s about optimising your strategies, foreseeing potential outcomes, and acting with precision.

Those who have honed this craft, who have delved deep into onchain strategies, inevitably stand head and shoulders above the rest.

They navigate the crypto waters with finesse, reaping rewards that others might not even know exist.

But mastery takes time, effort, and a steep learning curve. And that’s where we swoop in.

Take flash loans, for example: a temporal marvel where users borrow, utilize, and repay vast sums of money, all within a single transaction.

Or consider arbitrage exploits, where eagle-eyed traders identify and capitalize on price discrepancies across different exchanges, reaping profits in the slim margins.

Then there’s the realm of collateralized leverage, where users amplify their exposure by borrowing against their existing assets.

Each of these strategies, while ingenious, used to be the domain of seasoned experts who’d painstakingly mastered dozens of on-chain protocols.

However, the times, as they say, are changing.

Gone are the days when these strategies were exclusive to the few who could decipher the intricacies of blockchain protocols.

Welcome to the age of democratized on-chain tactics! We believe that everyone should have the tools to excel and harness the full potential of the crypto realm.

So What is Unhosted?

Simple, secure and smart self-custody wallet with a one of a kind marketplace of 1-click automations.

Modular architecture of Unhosted Smart Accounts can perform even the most sophisticated strategies, providing a programmability level absent in EOAs.

Our Permissionless on-Chain Factory ensures the immutability of developer fees allowing anyone to deploy their strategy and add it to their wallet.

Unhosted modules facilitate automated interaction with other smart contracts on behalf of the user, unlocking 100’s of custom solutions.

Team at Unhosted and the network of community developers is already working tirelessly to demystify the complexities of onchain tactics, turning intricate strategies into straightforward one-click automations.

Elevating Everyone to Pro Status

At UNH0STED, we don’t just offer you a self custodial wallet; we offer empowerment.

By bridging the gap between complex on-chain intricacies and everyday users, we ensure that everyone gets to play at a pro level.

Imagine entering the world of crypto not as a novice, but as a seasoned player, equipped with insights, strategies, and tools previously reserved for the elite.

That’s the Unhosted experience.

Beyond the Crypto Horizon

So, what does all this mean for you?

It means a leveled playing field. A world where you’re not constantly playing catch-up but are at the forefront.

A realm where you have the strategies, the insights, and the prowess to navigate the crypto tides masterfully.

Unhosted isn’t just another wallet; it’s a revolution in how we approach and experience crypto.

By democratizing mastery, we’re ensuring that everyone gets their shot at the upper echelons of the crypto universe.

So come, join us. Experience the power, the leverage, and the upper hand that true onchain mastery brings.

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