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License granted for electricity business at Seohae offshore windfarm

April 4, 2024 | by The Jeuns

RWE Achieves Key Milestone with Electricity Business License for Seohae Offshore Wind Project

RWE, a leading renewable energy company, has recently been granted an electricity business license (EBL) by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy for the Seohae offshore windfarm. This 495-kW project is situated approximately 45 km off the coast of Taean County in South Korea’s Chungcheongnam Province.

The issuance of the EBL marks a significant achievement for RWE as it secures exclusive development rights for offshore wind in Korea, following the establishment of an office in Seoul in 2021. The EBL is a mandatory requirement that allows companies to generate and supply electricity in Korea, paving the way for RWE to advance its first Korean offshore wind venture.

Sven Utermöhlen, RWE’s chief executive for offshore wind, emphasized the importance of this milestone for the Seohae project, describing it as a key step in its development. RWE Renewables Korea is set to collaborate closely with local communities and Taean County to deliver renewable energy, create job opportunities, and foster economic growth in the region.

Moving forward, RWE plans to work with local suppliers on engineering and environmental impact assessment studies, engage with the local county, and secure a grid connection agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation. With a 3 GW offshore wind project development pipeline in Korea, RWE is also progressing on the Neulsaem Ui project in Shinan County and the Hanee Baram project in Incheon.

Additionally, RWE has formed an offshore wind co-development partnership with Hyundai Engineering & Construction, further strengthening its presence and commitment to sustainable energy initiatives in Korea.


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