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Local Communities Awarded EPA Grants

May 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced grants totaling .6 million for the towns of Greeley and Kersey. This funding is designated to assist in environmental assessment, cleanup, and redevelopment efforts in the area. Greeley is set to receive 0,000 to assess multiple properties, while Kersey will be granted ,132,889 specifically for the cleanup and redevelopment of the former Union Pacific Railroad Grain Elevator property.

These investments are part of the EPA’s Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup Grant programs, aimed at revitalizing communities and promoting sustainable development. The grants will not only help in addressing environmental concerns in the region but also contribute to the overall economic growth and well-being of the communities in Greeley and Kersey. This funding demonstrates the commitment of the EPA towards supporting local efforts to enhance environmental quality and spur revitalization projects.

The grants signify a significant step towards sustainable development and environmental stewardship in the region, reflecting a collective effort to address environmental challenges and promote long-term sustainability. The EPA’s investment in these projects underscores the importance of addressing environmental issues and fostering community development through strategic initiatives and partnerships.


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