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Logic releases his newest track “44ever”

May 9, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Logic Releases “44ever” Video in Collaboration with LabX Out Loud

Rapper Logic has recently released the music video for his latest track “44ever”, a groundbreaking collaboration with LabX – a program of the National Academy of Sciences. This collaboration is part of LabX’s new initiative called LabX Out Loud, which aims to bridge the gap between popular music artists and the world of science and scientists.

The “44ever” music video was filmed on the spaceship set of the Aquarius III, with direction from JT Clemente and Henry Smisek. The video features Dr. Moogega Cooper, a Planetary Protection Engineer, and Dr. Anjali Tripathi, an astrophysicist and exoplanet explorer – both of whom have made significant contributions to NASA’s Mars rover missions.

This release comes as Logic gears up for the release of his ninth studio album titled “Ultra 85”. Speaking about the video, Logic expressed, “This is my favorite music video I’ve ever shot. I got to bring in my 15 biggest fans to a location that is so important to all of us.”

Dr. Anjali Tripathi also shared her thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “Logic has a great record of highlighting important issues in his music and videos. I was impressed by his enthusiasm for science and I hope that our appearance will help make science more accessible to a broader audience.” Dr. Moogega Cooper echoed these sentiments, stating, “I hope the audience gets excited about spacecraft and the engineering behind it. I’m thrilled that this music is evergreen and will continue to inspire people over time.”

To watch the music video for “44ever”, click here.

Overall, Logic’s collaboration with LabX Out Loud showcases a unique merging of music and science, aiming to spark interest and curiosity in scientific topics among a wider audience.


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