The Jeuns

‘Managing Emotions through Mindfulness’

March 29, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Mindful connection to thoughts and feelings is essential for emotional well-being. There are various activities that can help individuals, especially young readers, to tune into their emotions in a mindful way. From playing emotion bingo to creating a happiness box, these simple activities can guide individuals to handle their thoughts and feelings effectively.

This introduction to mindfulness and emotions is designed to assist young readers in managing all kinds of feelings, whether big or small. Through charming illustrations and engaging text, readers can learn how to navigate the diverse emotions that arise in their minds and bodies.

This resource aligns with the CASEL SEL competencies of self-awareness and self-management, providing valuable tools for emotional regulation. Mayo Clinic Press Kids collaborates with pediatric experts to create empowering health and wellness content. Every book purchased contributes to important medical research and education at Mayo Clinic.

The softcover book measures 8 x 10 inches, containing 32 pages of insightful content. Published by Mayo Clinic Press in 2024, the book is available with the ISBN 9798887701356. Engage in these mindfulness practices to enhance emotional well-being and promote self-awareness and self-management.


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