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Modified Tesla Model Y eliminates superchargers

April 18, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A Tesla Model Y owner in Los Angeles has created a prototype of a solar panel system that can be added to electric vehicles. The innovative project, which combines wood and carbon fiber tubes to increase the car’s height by 11 inches when folded up, is the first of its kind. The owner, who goes by the username somid3, plans to develop a new version made entirely of carbon fiber that will only add six inches to the car’s height.

The solar panel system, showcased on the owner’s website DartSolar, is designed to be easily attached to the roof of any electric vehicle, not just Teslas. The aim of DartSolar is to make solar panels on electric vehicles a common feature, promoting cleaner and more sustainable energy for EVs.

While the effectiveness of the solar panels may vary depending on the region’s sunlight exposure, the project is a remarkable achievement in making renewable energy more accessible to electric vehicle owners. Despite its innovative design, the solar panel system can still fit within a single parking space even when fully expanded, making it a practical and eco-friendly addition to electric vehicles.


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