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Narrator for Documentary ‘Space: The New Frontier’ Announced

April 17, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Actor Chris Pine, known for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot, has been tapped to narrate a new documentary titled “Space: The New Frontier”. Produced by Definition Studios Australia in association with K2 Studios, the film explores how humanity has pushed the boundaries of space exploration, showcasing the advancements made by private companies, NASA, and other international space agencies.

From new launch technologies to reusable rockets, commercial space stations, and NASA’s Artemis Moon to Mars program, the documentary highlights the progress being made in space exploration. According to the film, living and working in space is closer than ever before.

Pine, who recently made his directorial debut with “Poolman” and is involved in charitable organizations like Children’s Hospital and The Orchid Foundation, expressed his excitement about being part of the project. He mentioned being inspired by IMAX shows as a child and looks forward to inspiring a new generation through this documentary.

“Space: The New Frontier” will premiere in 3D and 2D IMAX, Giant Screen, and Dome theaters at various cultural destinations worldwide, starting with the Kennedy Space Center this month. The film will have a global rollout over the coming years, with STEM outreach efforts including classroom visits from experts featured in the film and hands-on activities for teachers.


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