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New AI-powered copy and paste feature now available for Windows

May 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Microsoft has decided to revamp the traditional copy and paste feature on Windows by introducing AI-powered Advanced Paste. This new feature allows users to not only paste copied text or images but also provides AI prompts to format it in a different way, such as creating a summary or translating the content.

However, it is important to note that Advanced Paste is not native to Windows, but rather a part of Microsoft’s optional app called PowerToys. Users will also need to have an OpenAI API key to make use of this feature, which requires purchasing credits from OpenAI.

While this feature is undeniably interesting, some may question if Microsoft has overcomplicated the simple act of copy and paste in Windows. This move aligns with Microsoft’s recent focus on incorporating AI features into their products, as seen with the introduction of “Copilot+ PCs” that boast AI capabilities.

Overall, the introduction of AI-powered Advanced Paste adds a new dimension to the age-old copy and paste function on Windows, offering users more versatility and options for formatting copied content.


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