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New Animal-Friendly Skate Shoes Revealed

March 23, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The plant-based and vegan movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, extending beyond just dietary choices into various industries such as fashion and footwear. Now, the skateboarding community is also embracing this trend with the launch of éS Skateboarding’s latest release, the 2024 Muska Tan/Green, a 100% vegan-friendly skate shoe.

Crafted with a synthetic nubuck upper, the Muska Tan/Green ensures both durability and style without the use of animal-derived materials. This innovative shoe features a molded polyurethane mesh cage for breathability during intense skate sessions, along with unique elements like a hidden stash pocket and custom-molded eyelets for lace protection.

What sets the Muska shoes apart is their commitment to animal welfare and skate performance. With features like a durable rubber toe piece and polyurethane midsole for comfort and support, these shoes are suitable for long hours on the board or casual wear off the streets. The 400NBS rubber double cupsole and reflective accents add safety and durability, while the molded EVA footbed and padded tongue ensure ultimate comfort for skaters.

For those looking to support ethical fashion and sustainable choices, the Muska offers a guilt-free option without compromising on quality or performance. These vegan skate shoes are available now on the website. Embrace ethical fashion and sustainable living with the éS Skateboarding 2024 Muska Tan/Green skate shoe.

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