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New Connectivity Concepts Bring a More User-Friendly, Holographic Interface

May 14, 2024 | by The Jeuns

LAYER, a design studio, showcased three groundbreaking concepts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom. The collection named Concept T aims to revolutionize communication by incorporating tactile controls, AI features, and 3D holographic displays to create a more intimate and user-friendly experience.

Concept T includes a holographic home hub, a modular router, and a mobile smart robot. The intelligent AI-based companion, Buddy, acts as both an internet router on wheels and a personal assistant, while also providing bandwidth where needed in the home. Similar to Samsung’s Ballie and LG’s AI Agent, Buddy features a circular user interface that can display emotions and information.

View, another concept, uses 3D holographic display technology to enhance video calls by creating a dimensional experience. Equipped with depth cameras, View can capture the user’s face to provide a more engaging conversation. Additionally, the design incorporates a 3D hologram of an AI assistant named Emma to personalize the interaction further.

Level, the third concept, redefines internet routers by offering a modular platform with different elements for various connectivity needs. Users can customize their router with elements like a cylindrical display unit, WiFi-sensing element, mesh repeater, and computational module for Web3 applications.

These functional prototypes represent a softer approach to communication technology, focusing on creating interactions that feel more human and comfortable. By integrating touch, sight, and voice, LAYER’s Concept T explores the future of communication in a more personalized and intuitive way.

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