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New design and advanced features revealed by Luminar Neo

May 8, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Skylum recently unveiled a major update to its popular software, Luminar Neo, introducing a range of new tools and a fresh design. The update includes features like Twilight Enhancer, Water Enhancer AI, Batch HDR, Object Select, Luminosity Masking, and Waiting Statuses. These tools aim to streamline the photo editing process and provide users with more creative options.

The Twilight Enhancer allows users to replicate the magical ambiance of the blue and golden hours, while the Water Enhancer AI enables transforming water bodies with ease. Batch HDR simplifies editing multiple images simultaneously, and Object Select helps create masks for precise edits. Luminosity Masking allows adjustments based on brightness levels, while Waiting Statuses keep users informed during image processing.

In addition to these updates, Skylum has redesigned the look and feel of Luminar Neo, including a new logo, product icon, color palette, and stylistic changes within the desktop application. A new category called Landscape is introduced, focusing on essential tools for landscape photography.

All these new features and visual changes were rolled out in the latest product update on April 25 for existing Luminar Neo customers at no extra cost. The Batch HDR feature will be available to HDR Merge Extension owners from July 1, 2023.

Luminar Neo can be purchased on Skylum’s website, Microsoft Store, and Apple’s Mac App Store. For more information on pricing and subscription plans, visit Skylum’s website.


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