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‘New Generation Five Studio Monitors Released by KRK’

March 27, 2024 | by The Jeuns

KRK has launched the latest version of its popular ROKIT speakers, the ROKIT Generation Five Studio Monitors. These new active, two-way studio reference monitors come in three sizes – five, seven, and eight inches. They feature three new voicing modes, an improved tweeter design, and a refreshed LCD display.

Designed for musicians, producers, composers, and sound engineers, the KRK ROKIT Generation Five monitors are equipped with the technology necessary to reproduce every detail of a production with exceptional clarity. Sterling Doak, Senior Director of Marketing at Gibson, stated, “Featuring KRK’s renowned sound and new technology, the KRK ROKIT Generation Five is a essential studio solution for demanding creators.”

KRK engineers have leveraged the brand’s legacy of excellence and performance to enhance their studio monitors, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional audio engineering principles. The KRK ROKIT Generation Five is designed to meet the needs of both experienced professionals and emerging artists.

The ROKIT 5 is priced at 9, the ROKIT 7 at 9, and the ROKIT 8 at 9 for single speakers. Pairs are available for 8, 8, and 8 respectively.

For those interested, the KRK ROKIT Generation Five Studio Monitors can be found in the market in various sizes and price ranges.


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