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‘New Methanol-Powered Feeder Network Unveiled by X-Press Feeders’

April 16, 2024 | by The Jeuns

X-Press Feeders, a leader in sustainable shipping, has launched the world’s first dual-fuel vessel on a round trip service. This innovative vessel will save 268 kg of CO2e emissions for every TEU carried compared to a feeder vessel running on conventional marine fuel.

After its successful maiden voyage from Shanghai to Rotterdam, the dual-fuel ship will operate on a feeder network in northern Europe, based at the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. These green routes will commence in Q3 this year, starting from Rotterdam to ports in Nordic and Baltic states. X-Press Feeders is proud to be the first dedicated feeder carrier to operate a container vessel powered by green methanol.

The decision to use Rotterdam as the heart of the green network was deliberate, as the port is the first in Europe with facilities to refuel such vessels. However, challenges such as limited fuel facilities and commercial impacts on customers not based in Rotterdam do exist. Nevertheless, all staff are fully trained in managing methanol to ensure safety.

X-Press Feeders has signed a contract with Dutch fuel supplier OCI Global for the supply of green methanol at the Port of Rotterdam from 2024 onwards. OCI’s green methanol is certified for sustainability and carbon reduction, assuring the company of the quality of fuel supply.

Although green methanol is more expensive than traditional fuel, the implementation of the Fit for 55 package will help offset the cost difference. The company has also secured a memorandum of agreement with Evergreen Marine Corp to place containers on the new dual-fuel green methanol vessels.

The feedback from the market has been positive, with many lines expressing interest in signing on to this sustainable shipping solution. The new methanol-propelled ships are not only more efficient but also offer a significant reduction in emissions compared to traditional vessels. While the ships currently operate only in Europe, X-Press Feeders remains optimistic about expanding their green fleet in the future.

Sergio Spinosa, a pivotal figure in X-Press Feeders, leads the company’s operational strategies in Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America, while also exploring new business opportunities in North America. With a background in marketing and commercial management, Mr. Spinosa is dedicated to promoting the company’s decarbonization efforts and being at the forefront of the green agenda in the shipping industry.


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