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“New Perfume with BBQ-inspired Scents Set to Launch”

April 29, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Fast-food giant KFC has introduced a new perfume named “No. 11 Eau de BBQ” that promises to evoke the scents and aromas of a classic British barbecue. Unlike what one might expect, the perfume does not smell like a chicken shop; instead, it features smoky and woody notes with undertones of charcoal.

While renowned perfume houses like Tom Ford and Le Labo experiment with similar woody and smoky fragrances, KFC’s perfume aims to capture the “irresistible scent of a BBQ” by incorporating blended spices and marinated meat.

The scent is composed of base notes of charcoal and smoke, heart notes of wood, and top notes of a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, along with marinated meat. KFC describes the fragrance as “tantalising.”

To complement the launch of the perfume, KFC is introducing a new menu item called the “ultimate BBQ burger,” featuring original recipe chicken, crispy onions, barbecue sauce, and a brioche bun.

The perfume, priced at £11, is available starting April 29. KFC has committed to donating 100% of the sales proceeds to the KFC Foundation, which aims to support organizations that empower young people.

Phoebe Syms, brand manager at KFC, expressed excitement about the fragrance, stating, “No 11 Eau de BBQ captures the mouth-watering scent of our brand-new Ultimate BBQ burger, which allows you to sizzle with every spritz. This one is for the real die-hard KFC and BBQ fans, because who said fragrance can’t also be finger lickin’ good?”

The limited-edition perfume can be purchased for £11 through KFC’s online store at


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