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‘New pricing plans now available for Amazon Q’

April 30, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Amazon Q, the generative AI assistant from Amazon Web Services (AWS), is now available across the AWS ecosystem with new pricing models. This AI assistant, introduced at re:Invent, has been extensively tested across various use cases before its general availability. Amazon Q serves as a crucial layer in the AWS stack, bridging multiple services.

The key features of Amazon Q include Amazon Q Developer, a coding assistant, Amazon Q Business aimed at enhancing employee productivity, and Amazon Q Apps that automate business tasks (currently in preview). Amazon Q Business offers two tiers – Lite for per user per month and Pro for per user per month, which includes all features along with Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Q Apps.

Similarly, Amazon Q Developer offers a free tier and a Pro version for per month per user. AWS provides pricing examples, illustrating the cost breakdown for deploying Amazon Q Business within an enterprise with 5,000 employees. The ROI potential of Amazon Q lies in its ability to boost productivity and optimize AWS environments through billing trend analysis, consumption insights, and cost evaluation by region.

Amazon Q Business can seamlessly integrate with over 40 common business tools to provide real-time insights and dashboards. Overall, Amazon Q brings advanced AI capabilities and cost-effective pricing models to accelerate software development and leverage internal data within companies.


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