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‘New Suite of CTV Ad Offerings Revealed at 2024 IAB NewFronts’

May 2, 2024 | by The Jeuns

FuboTV Inc., commonly known as Fubo, a premier sports-first live TV streaming platform, revealed a set of four new CTV ad units during the IAB NewFronts event. These new ad offerings aim to enhance the company’s advertising options and cater to a broader range of brands.

The new ad inventory showcases Fubo’s commitment to innovation, as the company has a track record of introducing pioneering industry and consumer features. Some of these innovations include dynamic ad insertion, SCTE blackout technology standards, Multiview, 4K streaming, and AI-generated Instant Headlines.

The latest additions to Fubo’s ad lineup include:
1. The Marquee: This unique content sponsorship concept allows advertisers to create engaging content carousels on Fubo’s home screen, complete with customized branding elements for a captivating brand experience.
2. Interactive Ads: Designed to boost audience engagement and drive conversions, interactive ads feature calls to action that viewers can directly interact with using their remote control.
3. Pause Ads: Fubo is introducing pause ads that appear when a viewer pauses the content stream, offering additional engagement opportunities such as QR codes.
4. Enhanced Banner Ads: By improving targeting capabilities for classic banner ads, Fubo provides advertisers with greater precision in reaching their target audiences.

These new ad units offer brands an opportunity to connect with a unique audience of sports fans and beyond, many of whom are not accessible through traditional linear TV advertising. According to iSpot.TV data, 62% of ad impressions on Fubo reach households that are unreachable through linear TV.

Dina Roman, SVP of global ad sales at Fubo, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and providing creative advertising solutions to reach their premium audience. Fubo’s mission is to aggregate top TV content, including sports, news, and entertainment, through a single app, transcending the current TV model and offering subscribers a personalized streaming experience.

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