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‘Nordson Electronics Solutions Wins Innovation Award in China’

May 3, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Nordson Electronics Solutions was recently awarded the EM Asia China Innovation Award for their ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-1040 conformal coating system. The award ceremony took place during Productronica China on March 21, 2024. The SL-1040 system, which was introduced to the public in November 2023, is a cutting-edge conformal coating solution specifically designed for high-volume production in printed circuit assembly.

The ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-1040 system offers advanced automation, control, precision, and preventive maintenance features that cater to the needs of electronics manufacturers, particularly in the automotive sector. By improving yield, uptime, and total cost of ownership, the SL-1040 system provides a reliable option for applying conformal coatings accurately the first time, thus minimizing the need for rework.

Jacky He, the automotive commercial head of Nordson Electronics Solutions in China, expressed pride in the recognition of the company’s technological innovation through the EM Asia China Innovation Award. He emphasized the importance of proper conformal coating in ensuring the reliability of automotive electronics and highlighted the SL-1040 system as a significant step towards achieving this goal.

For more information about Nordson Electronics Solutions and their ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-1040 conformal coating system, please visit their website at


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