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‘Over 70% of UAE Workforce Reports Increased Productivity in Office’

May 17, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A recent survey conducted by the Gensler Research Institute has found that a significant portion of employees in the UAE, approximately 66%, choose to work from co-working spaces, third spaces, or at client offices. This trend is particularly noticeable in Dubai, where more and more employees are opting for alternative work environments.

The Global Workplace Survey 2024, which gathered insights from over 16,000 full-time office workers across 15 countries, discovered that exceptional workplaces are those that offer employees the flexibility to choose where they work within the office. This freedom promotes higher engagement levels and a sense of value among employees. These top-performing workplaces are often located in amenity-rich neighborhoods and feature various spaces like libraries, cafes, and outdoor areas.

Janet Pogue McLaurin, the global director of Workplace Research at Gensler, stressed the importance of redesigning workplaces to enhance productivity. While 17% of UAE employees currently work from home and 49% have returned to their offices, a significant 71% believe that being in the workplace is essential for maximizing productivity.

In terms of exceptional workplaces, the UAE ranks third among the countries surveyed. A staggering 96% of employees in high-performing workplaces in the UAE have control over their work time, compared to just over half in low-performing environments. Furthermore, 97% of highly engaged employees are likely to remain with their company next year, a stark contrast to the 53% of the least engaged employees.

The findings of this survey highlight the changing dynamics of the workplace in the UAE and emphasize the importance of creating environments that foster productivity and employee satisfaction.


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