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Parks Remain Closed Months After Fencing Installed

May 4, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Several locations in Sydney have been discovered to have asbestos-contaminated mulch, prompting immediate action by authorities to ensure public safety. Transport for NSW has begun remediation efforts at a site in Telopea, along the Parramatta Light Rail line, while other affected sites near metro stations like Dulwich Hill, Canterbury, and Campsie have been cordoned off. Additionally, plans are underway to address contamination at sites such as the Nowra Bridge Upgrade, Prospect Highway, and Wiley Park.

The Penrith City Council is currently collaborating with a contractor to remove contaminated mulch in Regatta Park, Emu Plains, within a restricted area near a construction site. Moreover, affected locations in the Inner West Council area, including a garden bed in Rozelle and the WestConnex Site Office in St Peters, have already been remediated. The Environment Protection Authority has verified the cleanup of Rozelle Parklands and other sites like schools, hospitals, and healthcare facilities that were found to have asbestos in the mulch.

The EPA is offering additional support to residential and non-profit landowners affected by asbestos contamination, conducting inspections in the coming weeks to ensure proper cleanup. Landowners failing to address the issue promptly may face regulatory action from the EPA, which will work with them to establish reasonable timeframes for remediation. It is imperative to ensure that all affected areas are effectively remediated to safeguard public health and safety.

Local authorities are diligently working to address the presence of asbestos-contaminated mulch in Sydney, taking necessary measures to remediate affected areas and ensure public safety. Barriers and signs have been installed to restrict access to ongoing cleanup sites, with plans in place for key remediation efforts. The EPA continues to oversee cleanup operations and provide support to landowners in a coordinated effort to swiftly and effectively remediate affected areas.

Transport for NSW has commenced remediation at the Telopea site, while other fenced-off locations near Sydney metro stations are inaccessible to the public. Penrith City Council and Inner West Council have also undertaken remediation efforts in Emu Plains and Rozelle, respectively. With clean-up efforts confirmed at important facilities, inspections will continue to ensure timely and thorough remediation.

In conclusion, collaborative efforts are underway to address asbestos-contaminated mulch in Sydney and ensure the safe remediation of affected areas. The EPA plays a crucial role in overseeing clean-up operations and supporting landowners throughout the process. Through close cooperation with authorities and landowners, it is anticipated that all affected areas will be promptly and effectively remediated, ultimately reopening to the public.


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