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Partnership Formed to Support Kansas Farmers.

May 8, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Landus, a leading agriculture solutions company, has announced an expansion of its product and service offerings to Producers Cooperative Association (PCA) farmers in a new partnership. This collaboration will bring Landus’ full line of products and services to help sustainably raise crops for farmers in the PCA geography.

The partnership will provide PCA member-owners access to the AcreEdge Performance Portfolio, Landus SkyScout, and other sustainable-focused products from Landus. This move aims to not only support PCA growers in their crop production but also create opportunities for additional sources of income through relationships with processors and consumer packaged goods companies.

Matt Carstens, President & CEO of Landus, expressed his excitement about sharing the company’s offerings with PCA farmers, highlighting the importance of sustainability in meeting consumer demand. Doug Graber emphasized the benefits of the collaboration, noting that Landus’ products and services make a tangible difference both in the field and in connecting growers with downstream customers.

Both Landus and PCA are committed to enhancing the products and services available to PCA member-owners, showcasing the importance of sustainable practices to both growers and consumers.

Landus is a forward-thinking agriculture solutions company that prioritizes farmers, connecting thousands of farmer-owners with the global market through innovative and sustainable methods across various states and countries. The company’s unique approach to technology and partnerships addresses the challenges faced by farmers today, providing data-driven solutions that impact the entire supply chain.

Producers Cooperative Association (PCA) boasts a professional and knowledgeable team dedicated to improving operations for their customers. With a focus on investing in equipment, processes, and talent, PCA offers a wide range of farm and ranch supplies, custom feeds, and comprehensive agronomy services at their locations.

The partnership between Landus and PCA signals a significant step towards fostering sustainable agriculture practices and expanding opportunities for growers in the industry.


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