The Jeuns

Planning for a Convention Hotel in Savannah Begins

March 19, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A new 400-room convention hotel is set to be developed in Savannah by a joint venture between Songy Highroads and Matthews Southwest. The timing for this project is advantageous, as the Savannah Convention Center is currently undergoing a 6 million expansion. Construction on the hotel is expected to begin next year, with the team focusing on designing, engineering, and pricing the project in the meantime.

In order to secure funding for the development, the group is seeking public funding and the Georgia House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 1041 to facilitate the financing of the Savannah convention hotel. The bill is now awaiting consideration by the Senate and, if approved, would increase the bonding capacity of the Savannah-Georgia Convention Center Authority to 0 million.

The proposed hotel will be located on Hutchison Island by the waterfront, and Hilton Worldwide Holdings is in talks to potentially manage the property. This new development is expected to provide a significant boost to the hospitality industry in Savannah and attract more visitors to the area.


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