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Potential Collaboration between Apple’s iOS 18 and Google’s AI

March 18, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Apple is rumored to be working on introducing new AI features in iOS 18 to compete with companies like OpenAI, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft. Reports suggest that Apple may be partnering with Google to integrate the Gemini AI engine into iOS 18. This collaboration would allow Apple to use its own AI for on-device functions while leveraging Google’s cloud-based AI computing capabilities, particularly its established Gemini AI model.

The possibility of Google Gemini powering some of iOS 18’s AI features is still under negotiation, as both companies are in active talks to finalize the deal. Apple’s history of past failed launches, such as Siri and Apple Maps, may be prompting the company to seek external support to ensure the success of its AI ventures. Despite Apple’s efforts to develop its alternative to ChatGPT, incorporating well-established and advanced AI models from Google could be a strategic move to enhance iOS 18’s AI capabilities.

As the collaboration between Apple and Google unfolds, tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the potential impact of Gemini AI integration on iOS 18’s performance and user experience.


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