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“Potential Impacts of AI on Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, and Other Devices”

April 12, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Samsung users, including those with Galaxy S22, S21, and other models, have a mix of good and bad news to look forward to regarding Samsung’s One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI update.

Starting with the good news, a moderator on a community site in South Korea has confirmed that Samsung plans to roll out the One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI updates to older Galaxy smartphones and tablets. While it was known that Samsung was testing the update on older flagships, this confirmation marks the first time specific plans have been revealed for these models.

According to the moderator, Samsung is set to begin pushing the One UI 6.1 update to devices such as the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and Galaxy Tab S8 series starting in May. It remains unclear whether this timeline pertains specifically to South Korea or if May serves as the global release window. As April draws to a close, more details are expected to emerge.

Additionally, Samsung plans to introduce some Galaxy AI features to these phones and tablets, a welcome development given the previous uncertainty surrounding this. However, there is some bad news in store as well.

If the information provided by the moderator holds true, older Galaxy models will only receive a limited selection of Galaxy AI features, falling short of the complete feature set available on newer models like the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Tab S9.

Devices from 2022, such as the Galaxy S22 series, are expected to gain access to all Galaxy AI features except for one – Instant Slow-mo, which allows users to slow down videos by pressing and holding the display. Meanwhile, devices from 2021 like the Galaxy S21 series are slated to receive only two Galaxy AI features: Google Circle to Search and Magic Rewrite.

While Samsung’s plans are subject to change, for now, users of Galaxy S22, S21, and other models can anticipate these updates in the coming weeks.


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