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Potential of Grilles on Electric Vehicles Enhanced by Hyundai Mobis

March 16, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The future of electric vehicles (EVs) may see a resurgence of grilles, thanks to Hyundai Mobis’ innovative approach to active aerodynamics. While many EVs have moved away from traditional grille designs, Hyundai Mobis is working on a solution that not only enhances aerodynamics but also gives EVs a more conventional look.

The company has developed an “Integrated Front Face Module” that incorporates active shutter grilles. This module features components that can open and close to reduce drag, along with active air curtains, air skirts, grille flaps, and hood vents. These elements not only improve aerodynamics but also optimize battery cooling efficiency, extending the vehicle’s range by approximately 12.4 miles (20 km).

In addition to these aerodynamic enhancements, the front end of the vehicle also boasts an automatic charger retrieval feature and a retractable LiDAR sensor. This innovative design not only sets Hyundai Mobis apart from the competition but also offers styling advantages by allowing automakers to incorporate traditional grille designs.

While there is no specific timeline for when this technology will be implemented in production vehicles, Hyundai Mobis is looking to expand its reach beyond the Korean market. By offering a unique solution to the grille debate in the EV industry, the company aims to stand out and appeal to a wider audience.

Overall, Hyundai Mobis’ Integrated Front Face Module represents a significant step towards merging traditional design elements with cutting-edge aerodynamic technology in the electric vehicle sector.


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