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‘Premiere Pro Will Soon Offer Generative AI Video Tools [EMBARGO Mon 9am PT]’

April 15, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Adobe has officially announced that generative AI video tools will be added to Premiere Pro in the near future. This move is not surprising given Adobe’s previous integration of generative AI features in other Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop. The addition of generative AI tools to Premiere Pro is part of Adobe’s efforts to provide a more comprehensive AI-powered editing experience.

These new generative AI tools in Premiere Pro aim to revolutionize video creation and production workflows for professional editors. Features like Object Addition, Object Removal, and Generative Extend will streamline editing processes for various video types. Adobe is also developing a video model for Firefly, which will power video and audio editing workflows in Premiere Pro.

In the future, Premiere Pro users can expect even more advanced generative AI features powered by Adobe’s new video model for Firefly. These features may include tools like Generative Extend, Object Addition & Removal, and Text to Video. The goal is to make editing tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive for users.

Furthermore, Adobe is introducing AI-powered audio workflows in Premiere Pro, set to be available to users in May 2024. These new audio features will provide editors with more control over their audio tracks and enhance sound quality. Interactive fade handles, Essential Sound badge with audio category tagging, effect badges, and redesigned waveforms are some of the new audio features coming to Premiere Pro.

Overall, Adobe is committed to expanding AI-powered workflows in Premiere Pro to help users stay at the cutting edge of technology. By leveraging generative AI tools and advanced audio features, Adobe aims to enhance the editing experience for Premiere Pro users. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments on Adobe’s website.


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