The Jeuns

Resilient Groundwater as a Resource for Climate Change Adaptation in Displacement and Migration Scenarios

March 19, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The Global WASH Support Unit and Environmental Sustainability Unit have collaborated with the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center (IGRAC) and Groundwater Relief (GWR) to create a position paper aimed at supporting IOM staff’s understanding of the significance and utilization of groundwater. This paper also offers guidance to decision-makers such as WASH programme managers, practitioners involved in projects that rely on groundwater for various purposes, Emergency Coordinators, and Chiefs of Mission.

The primary goal of this position paper is to enhance WASH programming efficiency by maximizing groundwater utilization, reducing negative impacts on natural resources, and promoting climate change adaptation. It serves as a resource for individuals at all levels within IOM to comprehend the importance of groundwater in various projects related to domestic consumption, livelihood, and social cohesion.

By providing valuable insights and recommendations, this paper aims to empower decision-makers and WASH practitioners to make informed choices that contribute to sustainable water management practices. With a focus on optimizing groundwater usage and promoting environmental sustainability, the position paper emphasizes the critical role that groundwater plays in addressing global water challenges.


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