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Revenue Decrease in Q1; Introduction of TiVo for Japanese TV Brand

May 10, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Xperi, the entertainment technology company known for owning TiVO, recently released their first quarter financial results for the period ending March 31, 2024. Despite a decrease in revenue from the previous year, the company saw promising growth in key areas such as connected car, media platform, and video-over-broadband services.

Jon Kirchner, the CEO of Xperi, expressed confidence in the company’s future prospects, citing the expansion of their TiVO OS footprint, the continued growth of their video-over-broadband offerings, and the increasing deployment of connected car technology. Kirchner highlighted Xperi’s focus on executing their independent media platform strategy to drive profitable growth and mentioned plans to reduce expenses to support their business transformation.

In addition, Xperi announced an upcoming collaboration with a global Japanese brand to launch smart TVs ‘Powered by TiVo’ in retail stores across Europe and the UK before the start of UEFA Euro 2024. UK retailer Argos has already integrated the TiVo operating system in their Bush house brand of smart TVs, which feature the new UK streaming service, Freely, delivering live TV over broadband. Furthermore, Vestel is now shipping smart TVs powered by TiVo under various brands in most major European countries.

With promising developments on the horizon and a focus on key growth areas, Xperi is positioning itself for significant long-term revenue growth and margin expansion in the coming years.


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