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Rhode Island Governor Announces New Initiative

April 26, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has officially launched a request for proposal (RFP) for the demolition project of the Washington Bridge. The RFP is now available for interested parties to review and submit their proposals online.

Design-build teams are invited to participate in the bidding process, aiming to remove the bridge’s superstructure in a safe and efficient manner. The demolition project is divided into four groups, each focusing on different sections of the bridge with set milestone completion dates. The final deadline for the entire project is set for March 2025.

The demolition plan is designed to ensure minimal impact on the adjacent eastbound bridge while offering incentives for early completion and penalties for delays. A maximum of million is up for grabs as an incentive for early completion, with a corresponding million penalty for exceeding the deadline. Additionally, a stipend of 0,000 will be provided to the second and third runner-up bidding teams to encourage strong competition.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the best value to the state, considering both cost and technical aspects of the submissions. Priority will be given to proposals that offer the earliest completion schedule, as the state aims to move forward with the project promptly.

Interested parties have until June 21 to submit their final proposals, with interim requirements preceding the deadline. The project is expected to be awarded and a notice to proceed issued by mid-July.

Alongside the demolition RFP, RIDOT is also preparing a separate RFP to procure a design-build team for the construction of the new bridge. This second RFP is anticipated to be released by the end of April, with both demolition and construction projects scheduled to commence in July. Additional details regarding submission deadlines and the incentive program can be found within the RFP.


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