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‘Sabine Marcelis Embraces Monochrome in Collaboration with Stedelijk’

April 25, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis has unveiled the Stedelijk Chair, created in collaboration with BD Barcelona and showcased at Milan Design Week. Known for her vibrant use of colors, Marcelis surprised with the stark, uniform aluminum appearance of the Stedelijk Chair, showcasing a departure from her usual palette.

Originally commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the chair reflects the museum’s design aesthetic and will be used in the new entrance area of the building. Its sleek silhouette complements the museum’s white exterior, creating a cohesive visual link between the chair and the architectural design.

Marcelis, who blends art and functionality in her designs, crafted a chair that is both lightweight and stackable, catering to the practical needs of communal spaces. The chair, made entirely of aluminum, features a seamless transition from legs to backrest, emphasizing the material’s natural luster and strength.

The production of the Stedelijk Chair was completed by BD Barcelona, known for their unconventional approach and dedication to creative freedom. Handmade and visually striking, the chair showcases the company’s heritage of craftsmanship and innovation. The company’s commitment to creativity is evident in the chair’s design, reflecting ongoing dialogues with diverse realms of creativity.

Photography for the Stedelijk Chair was done by Nacho Alegre, capturing the essence of Marcelis’ design vision.


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