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‘Skylum Introduces Exciting Updates to Luminar Neo’

April 12, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Skylum is gearing up to release an updated version of its popular editing tool, Luminar Neo, on April 25. This new version introduces several AI-based features that are set to revolutionize the editing experience for photographers. One of the standout features is the Twilight Enhancer, which allows users to replicate the magical ambiance of the blue and golden hours, adding creative color effects to landscape and outdoor photographs.

Another exciting addition is the Water Enhancer AI, which enables users to transform dull water bodies into vibrant turquoise pools with ease. The tool offers precise controls over color, texture, and depth adjustments for stunning results. Additionally, the Batch HDR feature streamlines workflow by allowing users to edit up to 1,000 images simultaneously using dynamic bracket creation and drag-and-drop organization.

Object Select is another new feature that simplifies the process of creating masks for specific subjects, objects, and details in images. This tool enhances precision editing and speeds up the workflow by enabling users to focus on specific areas for adjustments. Luminosity Masking is a versatile feature that lets users target specific areas of an image based on brightness levels, allowing for selective adjustments to highlights, midtones, and shadows.

Furthermore, the new version of Luminar Neo introduces a dedicated Landscape category that houses essential tools for landscape photography, including familiar features like Sky AI and Atmosphere. This specialized collection provides photographers with everything they need to bring their landscape scenes to life.

Early testers of the new version have reported faster AI actions and noted features like the Twilight Enhancer and Object Select as standout tools for landscape photographers. The AI-based Water Enhancer has also received positive feedback for its precision and control over water areas in images.

Overall, the updated version of Luminar Neo offers powerful features and enhancements that cater to the needs of photographers, from basic editing to advanced adjustments. With AI tools like Sky Replacement and Object Selection, photographers can achieve professional-level results quickly and efficiently. The new version of Luminar Neo will be available to existing customers on April 25 at no additional cost.

To purchase or update Luminar Neo, visit Skylum’s website or check the Microsoft Store and Apple’s Mac App Store. Pricing and subscription plans can be found on Skylum’s website.


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