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‘Snapchat Reveals Collaboration with Data Management Platform Tealium’

May 22, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Snapchat has recently announced a new partnership with data management platform Tealium. This collaboration will allow Tealium to streamline the process of gathering more data on Snap campaigns through Snap’s Conversions API.

With this official partnership, Tealium will have the capability to provide enhanced access to customer data in real-time from web, mobile, and offline sources, ultimately boosting the effectiveness of Snap ads.

According to Snap, this partnership will enable both Snap and Tealium clients to easily implement Snap’s Conversions API signal solution without the need for a custom back-end integration. This will empower advertisers to optimize their campaigns, enhance targeting, and measure conversions with a simple plug-in.

Tealium has also been recognized as the initial Conversions API integration partner for Reddit and has recently joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, offering valuable insights into LinkedIn campaigns as well.

By leveraging more data insights through the API and its own resources, Tealium aims to provide more value to Snap ad partners and improve campaign performance.

Tealium believes that their technical partnerships can lead to a reduction in cost per acquisition, improvement in return on ad spend, and a significant increase in observable conversions.

This partnership benefits both Snap, as it focuses on expanding its ad business, and Tealium, as it solidifies its position as a valuable source for conversion data solutions. If you are looking to invest heavily in Snap advertising, exploring options within this partnership could be advantageous.

For more information on the Snap/Tealium partnership, you can visit the official announcement page.


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