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Start of Battery Cell Production at Second Joint Venture Plant by GM and LG

April 3, 2024 | by The Jeuns

GM and LG have officially begun production of battery cells at their second joint venture plant. This move is a significant step forward in their collaboration, aiming to accelerate the production of electric vehicles (EVs) and meet the increasing demand in the market.

GM’s decision to produce batteries in the United States aligns with its strategy to make EVs profitable, starting from 2025. The company’s focus on developing and producing EVs, their platforms, and their battery packs in North America sets it apart from other manufacturers in the industry.

By partnering with LG, a leading supplier of battery technology, GM aims to leverage the expertise of both companies to enhance the efficiency and performance of their EVs. This joint venture plant will play a crucial role in expanding GM’s electric vehicle lineup and meeting the growing consumer interest in sustainable transportation options.

The collaboration between GM and LG signifies a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the automotive industry. With the production of battery cells underway at their second plant, both companies are poised to make a significant impact on the EV market and drive the transition towards a more sustainable future.


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