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Stick-All Glue Trap: Effective Pest Defense Solution.

March 20, 2024 | by The Jeuns

As temperatures rise and insects start infiltrating homes, deal with them using Kness Stick-All Glue traps. These pre-scented, easy-to-place sticky traps provide visible results without the use of poisons or chemicals, making them safe for the environment. Ideal for any insect situation, these traps are simple to use – just peel, set, and dispose.

Kness Pest Defense, headquartered in Albia, Iowa, marks a century of operation in 2024. The company was founded in 1924 by Austin Enos “Brick” Kness, who invented the world’s first multiple-catch mousetrap while working as a janitor at an Iowa high school. This invention led to the creation of the Ketch-All Mousetrap and the establishment of Kness Manufacturing.

Over the past 100 years, Kness Pest Defense has continued to produce and sell top-notch pest control solutions for professionals. The company attributes its success to its extensive global distribution network, loyal customer base, and the commitment of its team to offering innovative, reliable, and user-friendly products.

Known for their durability and superior quality, Kness’ reusable products are crafted from high-grade materials and undergo rigorous hand-testing to ensure top performance. With a product return rate of less than 1 percent, the company’s dedication to quality is evident.

To commemorate its centennial milestone, Kness has created a special landing page showcasing historical facts and content, available at Throughout 2024, the company will highlight its rich history and success stories across all marketing platforms.

For more information on Kness Pest Defense and their range of professional-grade pest control products, visit


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