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‘Successful Sustainable Motor Repairs Workshop Hosted by Ageas’

May 10, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Ageas recently hosted a successful sustainable motor repairs workshop, with plans to make it a regular feature at solution centers. The event gathered 40 attendees from firms specializing in green parts, repair-over-replace training, and number plate recycling.

Stephen Linklater, a director at Ageas, emphasized the importance of using green parts in vehicle repairs and expressed pride in the progress made towards integrating them into the repair process. The workshop aimed to encourage participants to explore further opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of vehicle repairs.

Feedback from attendees was positive, with Gary Mackinnon from Jerkins & Pain commending the workshop for highlighting sustainability opportunities. Martyn Rowley, executive director at NBRA & VBRA Commercial, described the workshop as “enlightening” and expressed interest in integrating sustainable practices into their initiatives.

According to Ageas UK, a repair-over-replace approach and the use of green parts are deeply ingrained in their repair network’s practices. The company encourages feedback and invites readers to share their thoughts on the story in the comments section below.

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