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Tesla Enhances Cybertruck with Off-Road and CyberTent Features

April 30, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Tesla has introduced new features to enhance its Cybertruck for off-road adventures. The new modes, namely Overland and Baja, aim to improve handling and traction on challenging terrains such as rocks, gravel, snow, and sand. These modes also enable exterior features to make it easier to spot obstacles with front, side, and rear cameras.

The dual-motor Cybertruck models now come equipped with both front and rear locking differentials, while the tri-motor CyberBeast model has an automatic virtual rear-locking differential. Other features include Trail Assist, Slippery Surface function, and adaptive suspension enhancements to optimize the driving experience on different surfaces.

Furthermore, Tesla has introduced a CyberTent mode for customers who purchased the optional tent attachment, allowing for a leveled suspension regardless of the terrain. These updates have started rolling out to existing Cybertruck owners and will soon be available to a wider audience. With these enhancements, the Cybertruck is well-equipped to tackle the toughest off-road challenges.


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