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Test-driving Lucid’s 2024 Air models and previewing the future ‘Mid-Size’ EVs

April 18, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Lucid Motors has been making waves in the EV market with its impressive lineup of 2024 models, including the Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and Sapphire editions. The entry-level Pure variant, starting at an MSRP below ,000, offers an affordable option for consumers looking to dive into the world of electric vehicles.

Recently, Lucid announced upgrades to the Grand Touring model, which now features a heat pump from the Sapphire edition, resulting in faster charging speeds and an EPA estimated range of 516 miles on a single charge. The Grand Touring, starting at 9,900, boasts 819 horsepower and a luxurious interior complete with premium features like massage seats.

The Touring model offers an impressive 411 miles of range, 620 horsepower, and a price tag of ,900. With strong acceleration and EV performance, the Touring remains a solid choice for consumers seeking a balance of performance and value.

However, it is the RWD Pure variant that stole the show during a test drive event. Priced at ,000 less than the Touring, the Pure delivers 430 hp and a smooth, quiet ride. Despite being the entry-level option, the Pure showcases exceptional comfort and luxury, making it a standout choice in the lineup.

Looking ahead, Lucid is gearing up to launch its Gravity SUV and has teased a third mid-size option to compete with models like the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. During a visit to Lucid’s design studio, media members got a sneak peek at the upcoming mid-size EVs, hinting at spacious designs and immersive in-car experiences focused on inclusivity and technology integration.

With a commitment to efficiency and innovation, Lucid continues to push the boundaries of EV technology with its impressive lineup of vehicles. The future looks bright for the American automaker as it sets its sights on expanding its portfolio and delivering cutting-edge electric vehicles to consumers.


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