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The Impact of Work Stress on Performance in Relation to Workload and Leadership Style

May 4, 2024 | by The Jeuns

A recent study has shed light on the relationship between work stress, workload, and authoritarian leadership styles in the workplace, offering valuable insights into their impact on employee performance.

Conducted over a three-month period with employees from a mid-sized company, the study utilised quantitative descriptive research methods such as interviews, observations, and questionnaires to gather data from 34 participants. The findings, published in the Dinasti Journal of Digital Business and Management, challenge the notion that stress is always detrimental to performance.

Contrary to common beliefs, the study revealed that moderate levels of stress can actually enhance employee performance by increasing productivity. While workload intensity and authoritarian leadership styles were also examined, they were found to have no significant impact on employee performance. This suggests that factors other than workload and leadership style may play a more critical role in influencing employee output.

Qualitative data from the study highlighted the importance of leadership styles in shaping the employee experience. While authoritarian leadership did not directly decrease performance, it was associated with a work environment that could hinder long-term employee satisfaction and retention. Employees expressed a preference for leaders who balance authority with empathy and engagement, signaling a shift towards more inclusive and supportive management practices.

These findings have significant implications for organizational leadership and HR management. Companies are encouraged to reconsider how they structure workloads and manage stress in the workplace. Instead of simply reducing stress and workload, managers can focus on optimizing these elements to boost productivity without exceeding thresholds that could lead to negative health outcomes. By adopting more inclusive and supportive management practices, companies can create a more positive and productive work environment for their employees.


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