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‘The Most Audacious Multiverse Epic of the Decade by Apple’

May 7, 2024 | by The Jeuns

The new Apple TV+ sci-fi show, “Dark Matter,” delves into the concept of the multiverse and how our choices define us. Based on the bestselling novel by Blake Crouch, the series follows Jason Dessen as he confronts different versions of himself across multiple dimensions.

Unlike other multiverse stories, “Dark Matter” establishes grounded rules for navigating various dimensions, making it relatable to viewers. The show explores philosophical themes like the observer effect while prioritizing character development and interpersonal relationships.

Executive producer Matt Tolmach and author-turned-showrunner Blake Crouch aimed to create a series that expands on the original novel, allowing for more character development and plot twists. Characters like Amanda and Daniela are given more prominence in the show, enriching the storyline and enhancing viewer engagement.

With the potential for a second season, “Dark Matter” offers a fresh perspective on the multiverse concept and the complexities of human existence. As Crouch hints at possible future storylines beyond the initial season, fans can expect more thrilling and thought-provoking adventures in the ever-expanding multiverse.

“Dark Matter” premieres with two episodes on Apple TV+ on May 8, inviting viewers to explore a world where choices have profound consequences beyond our imagination.


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