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The Spectacular View from the Hallway of a Norwegian Cabin

April 11, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Located in Risør, Norway, this stunning atrium cabin designed by Erling Berg offers breathtaking views of the ocean with Denmark on the distant horizon. Spanning 1,200 square feet, this unique structure is elevated on pillars over sloped terrain, creating a seamless connection with the surrounding nature.

Designed as a summer house, the cabin features three separate volumes connected by a wooden deck that floats above the solid rock terrain and local vegetation. The atrium-shaped floor plan blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing residents to fully experience the natural surroundings.

Wrapped in locally sourced spruce siding with a gray color pigment, the cabin has a natural and weathered look from day one. The interior showcases white horizontal wood siding complemented by a warmer toned floor and ceiling, typical of traditional coastal cabins in Norway.

The structural design of the cabin is inspired by midcentury steel homes in California, where the architect received his degree. Wooden pillars lift the cabin off the ground, while cross-laminated timber beams and a V-shaped wood column support the cantilevered roof, creating a seamless integration with the environment.

Photographed by Carlos Rollán, this atrium cabin is a true testament to modern design harmoniously blending with nature.


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