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Top LEGO Sets to Look Forward to on May 1st 2024

April 29, 2024 | by The Jeuns

May 2024 is set to be an exciting month for LEGO enthusiasts, with a focus on quality releases rather than quantity. The highlight of the month is a wave of sets to celebrate Star Wars Day / May the 4th, featuring the TIE Interceptor UCS set. Additionally, there will be a collection with a space exploration theme, including the highly anticipated LEGO Artemis Space Launch System.

For those eager to get their hands on these must-have LEGO sets, all releases are set to launch on their respective links at 9pm PT / 12am ET on April 30th / May 1st unless stated otherwise. The Star Wars Day promotions are emphasized, but there may be other surprises in store, so stay tuned. LEGO Insiders (formerly VIP) can take advantage of exclusive offers by signing up for a free account.

The LEGO Star Wars Day 2024 sets include the TIE Interceptor building set, Mos Espa Podrace Diorama, Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator, Droideka, BARC Speeder Escape, BrickHeadz Clone Commander Cody, The Phantom Menace, and The Force of Creativity Coffee Table Book. These sets cater to fans of the Star Wars franchise and are sure to be popular among collectors.

In addition to the Star Wars sets, LEGO is also releasing a range of space-themed sets in May 2024. The highlight is the NASA Artemis Space Launch System, which will be available to LEGO Insiders starting on May 14th / 15th and to the general public on May 18th. Other space-themed sets include The Milky Way Galaxy, LEGO City Space Explorers Pack, LEGO Space Minifigures Series 26, Alien Pack, and Alien Planet Habitat.

Fans making purchases from May 1st to May 5th have the opportunity to receive gift promotions, including the LEGO Star Wars Trade Federation Troop Carrier, Battle of Yavin collectible building set, and AAT building set.

Overall, May 2024 promises to be an exciting month for LEGO enthusiasts with a diverse range of sets catering to both Star Wars fans and space exploration enthusiasts.


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