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“Train Powered by Hydrogen Travels 1,750 Miles Without Refueling”

May 1, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Hydrogen Fuel Breaks Record for Green Mass Transit

The push for greener mass transit has reached new heights with a record-breaking milestone for hydrogen fuel. In March, the FLIRT-H2 hydrogen-powered train from Swiss company Stadler achieved a remarkable feat by traveling 1,742 miles nonstop over 46 hours on a single fuel tank at a test track in Colorado, earning an official Guinness World Record.

The two-car FLIRT-H2 can accommodate 108 passengers spread across two cars, with a power pack situated in the middle. This power pack houses tanks of hydrogen and fuel cells that efficiently convert hydrogen into electricity. The generated electricity is stored in a battery and used to power the train. The FLIRT-H2 was specially commissioned for the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority in Southern California and is expected to begin operations later this year. Additionally, other public transit systems may also be considering a shift to hydrogen-powered vehicles, as the California Air Resources Board has mandated that bus fleets statewide must produce zero tailpipe emissions by 2040.

One of the primary advantages of hydrogen fuel is its minimal environmental impact, as it produces no greenhouse gas emissions or pollution. However, it is important to note that the majority of hydrogen currently produced is classified as “gray,” indicating that it relies on natural gas or gasified coal during production and is not carbon neutral. For hydrogen to be considered truly “green,” renewable energy sources must be utilized in its production process.

As efforts towards sustainable transportation continue to gain momentum, the success of the FLIRT-H2 hydrogen-powered train marks a significant step forward in achieving cleaner and more environmentally friendly mass transit solutions.


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