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UK-based company will replace plastic coffee lids from supply chain

April 26, 2024 | by The Jeuns

SSP UK makes a sustainable move by removing plastic lids from its own-brand hot beverage cups and replacing them with plastic-free alternatives. This initiative will eliminate over eight million single-use plastic items annually, resulting in a reduction of more than 45 tonnes of plastic in the company’s supply chain.

The new lids are made of bagasse, derived from sugar cane stalks, offering a renewable and eco-friendly solution. SSP UK’s CEO, Kari Daniels, expressed that this shift to bagasse lids signifies a significant step in their sustainability journey, as it not only diminishes their reliance on plastic but also ensures a sustainable supply chain from renewable sources.

In alignment with Earth Day’s focus on “Planet vs. Plastics,” SSP is dedicated to eradicating unnecessary single-use plastics from its packaging by 2025. The company has already transitioned its cold drinks cups to rPET, incorporating recycled material. SSP’s sustainability strategy emphasizes 10 key commitments in Product, Planet, and People, aiming to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain by 2040.

Moreover, as a signatory of the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap and a member of the IGD, SSP UK actively participates in food waste initiatives and partners with organizations to redistribute surplus food. This holistic approach underscores the company’s dedication to responsible consumption, zero hunger, and climate action in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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