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Understanding Net Metering

April 15, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Solar panels are often seen as ineffective in northern regions due to limited sunlight during the fall and winter months. However, in places like New York, homes and businesses receive ample sunlight throughout the year. Despite shorter days in the colder seasons, the longer days in spring and summer provide more than enough sunlight for energy needs.

One way to maximize solar energy production is through net metering, a system where utility companies in New York compensate customers for excess solar energy produced. This means that when solar panels generate more electricity than a household can use, the extra power is fed back into the grid, and the homeowner receives credits on their account. These credits can then be used during darker months to offset energy usage.

By working with local solar companies like SunCommon, homeowners can determine the number of panels needed to zero out their energy bills throughout the year. SunCommon, a Kingston-based company, has been recognized as a NYSERDA Platinum Quality Installer and has helped install thousands of solar systems for homes, farms, and businesses in New York and Vermont. Their expert team is available to assist local residents in saving money on their energy costs regardless of the season. Visit to learn more about their services.


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