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Using a Generator with Solar Panels in a House

May 7, 2024 | by The Jeuns

Solar panels and generators both play essential roles in providing backup power during grid outages. However, using both simultaneously is not recommended due to safety concerns and system configurations.

With solar panels, excess electricity generated during sunny days can be stored in solar batteries for later use. This stored energy can power essential appliances like lights and refrigerators during a grid outage, serving as an alternative to using a generator.

It’s important to note that most solar panel systems in the United States are designed to shut down during a grid outage to prevent any electricity from feeding back into the grid and potentially harming utility workers restoring power.

For homeowners with solar panels looking to stay online during a power outage, gas-powered generators can serve as a backup option. Working with a solar installer or an electrician can ensure the safe setup of a generator to avoid any complications during an outage.

In situations where extended power outages are a concern, having both a solar battery and a backup generator can provide added security. The battery will kick in first during an outage, operating until it runs out, after which the generator will take over.

While solar-powered generators exist as portable, smaller versions of full-size systems, they are best suited for situations like boating trips, road trips with RVs or campers, and charging small electronics. These generators offer limited backup power for short durations.

When shopping for generators, consider factors like existing power usage, local codes or requirements, and the wattage rating of appliances. Watt-hours can indicate how much energy a generator can store, determining its capacity to power various devices during an outage.

Solar-powered generators can supply enough energy to power an average American home during short-term outages. They offer a cost-effective solution for backup power needs, complementing full-size solar panel systems.

In conclusion, both solar batteries and generators serve an essential purpose in providing backup power. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and priorities of the homeowner, whether they require extended power during outages or prefer shorter-term backup for essential appliances and devices.


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